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Last Modified 12th November 1996.

The Lion King!

The Lion King.
Books and Posters

"With some films a book is sometimes written about the story. Or that the movie is based on a film. Well in the Lion King, not one but some 20 to 30 books were written for the film. They were all based on the film, yet some were different. As for other reading type stuff, postcards, letterheads, magazines you guess it they had it. So I had to collect it. As for posters. I ran out of wall space quite quickly." - Stuart McNabb ( Certified Lion King Addict )

Item from the collection of Stuart McNabb. Item from the collection of Tzup Chen.

The Lion King Poster Page!
Due to the sheer number of Posters they now have their own page!

    From Left to right in the above picture.
    • Lion King Swap Cards - Second Edition - Full set.
      This set includes the some pop up cards, foil cards and other special cards. A total of 82 cards. The collection also contains a full set of the First edition cards.
    • Lion King Story Books.
      These two books are the largest in the collection. The artwork in these books are about the bs\est ytou can get in a story book that we have seen. Both these books were bought in a book store.
    • Art Of The Lion King - standard Edition.
      Art of the Lion King standard edition was bought from the first Disney Store opened in Australia. This book is still in the original plastic wrap.
    • 3 More Lion king Story Books.
      This includes a few different stories, all based on the film. The small book in the right corner was in fact piced up at a service station, while the other books were purchased in Toy stores or News stands.
    • Assorted Animation Cells Postcards.
      Given to me by Silver K after purchasing many animation cells. The prints are high quaility and show that animation cells. On the back there is a short paragraph of what the cell shows.
    • Lion King Sales Book - Was sent to shops selling LK stuff.
      Thanks to Mandy for this one ( hi ya Mandy ! :) This was the book sent to all Australian businesses that were interested in selling TLK Merchandise. It details scheduling, products and details on ordering.
    • Lion King Greeting cards. Box of 25 cards. 5 different types.
      Wonderfully printed, these Greeting card are just to good to be used. They include some orginal art work. Purchased from a Disney Store in the USA and exported overhere. Both Tzup and myself have a box of these cards. A good collectable.
    • Book of Lion King Postcards.
      Another set of card that is printed very well and just to good to be used. Pictures dirrectly taken from the movie and put on good quality card. Another export from the Disnet Store in the USA. Another item in both Tzup's and my collection.
    • Australian Lion king 14 month Calander.
      A calander that used to grace my walls. Now out of date. Contains 14 pictures from the movie. Another item in both collections.

From Left to right in the above picture.

  • The lion King story Book
    This TLK story book was collected from a Service station and was part of a special selection of books you could buy if you bought petrol.
  • The Lion King Coloring book.
    This is one of the many TLK coloring books in the collection.
  • Little Golden book.
    This is one of the Little Golden books version of TLK
  • TLK Flip book.
    A very small book which details about 10 thick pages.
  • Mufasa's words of Wisdom.
    A book full of Quotes from Mufasa.
  • Chinese version of THe Lion King.
    As the title says, it's a Chinese version of The Lion King.
  • Three story books in a Lion King Theme.
    These 3 books are short stories that have the characters from the Lion King. Books owned by Tzup Chen.
  • The Lion King pop up book
    This is a great pop up book with moving parts!! Hours of enjoyment for all the family!

    From Left to right in the above picture.

  • The Lion King Mask Book.
    All the characters in the Lion King ( except Nala..sob..sob) are here with great masks to cut out and wear. Quick note that all the masks are still in the book, neither of us have yet worn them..
  • yet Another TLK storybook.
    Crazy huh?!? Yet another story book based on the film.
  • The official TLK Magazine ( Australia )
    The offical Magazine released for the Movie. This has since been re-released and resides in both collections.
  • Ahhh!! Another TLK story book!!
    Just how many of these books were made is anyones quess..we just keep collecting!
  • The Circle of Life Story book
    The story of the Circle of life. The book shows the starting sequence to the movie.

The Art of The Lion King
Limited edition

Art of the Lion King - Limited Edition
This is the limited edition of the Art of the Lion King. This collection has 2 copies of the Limited version, book numbers 2325 and 118. The collection also has 2 standard editions of this book.

Sotheby's Animation Art Catalog.

Please Note:- This page only shows a snapshot of the collection. Some items have not been listed. More items will be added in the future.

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